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The entire nation has been in shock, mourning the tragic fire that has devastated the town of Yarnell and taken with it 19 brave young men of the Granite Mountain hotshots who lost their lives battling the blaze. NOW begins the heartbreaking task of recovery. Mending broken hearts. Overcoming the pain of loss. REBUILDING businesses, homes, hopes and dreams. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA
ASA of Arizona and a few members went to Yarnell this past Friday to establish the appropriate connection between our members and the coordinating agency based on services offered. The information we did gather from authorities at this time is that they are still making necessary assessments and will give us a call when they themselves figure out what is needed on the construction side. What they are most concerned about right now are the families that have lost their homes and are placed in RVs, trailers, etc., with no power. They have expressed an immediate need for gasoline generators, 6000 watts or greater, this can be loaned or donated.

If your company is interested in supporting Yarnell disaster relief efforts, please email or give our office a call at (602) 274-8979 and let us know what type of assistance you have to offer.

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