ASA Residential Construction Forum Meeting

ASA Residential Construction Forum Meeting

Tuesday, April 22, 2014 / 7:00 AM
ASA of Arizona Office
This meeting will focus on an important industry safety briefing: 
SB1307 – “Conditional Repeal” Passes, Impact on Fall Protection Requirements
As you all know, there has been much activity this legislative session focused on the fall protection statute revisions passed last year. This week SB1307 providing for “Conditional Repeal” of SB1441 (revisions to ARS 23.492), passed as amended through both the State House of Representatives (4/15/14) and Senate (4/16/14), and was transmitted to the Governor Brewer’s office today (4/17/14).
The RCF meeting on Tuesday will provide a special industry safety briefing presented by Julie Pace (The Cavanagh Law Firm) and Richard Usher (Hill & Usher Insurance and Surety) that will address the intricacies of SB1307 as it relates to the legislative process, what “Conditional Repeal” means and how it will be implemented, impact on the construction industry, and what to expect form OSHA and ADOSH.
Along with the committee, an invitation is being extended to all ASA members to attend. To assist with planning for seating and meeting materials, it is important that you reply to this message with your RSVP if you are planning to attend. I hope to see you all on Tuesday.

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