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House Bill 2693 Passess Commerce Committee
Next – Stakeholder Negotiations

This morning House Bill 2693 passed out of the House Commerce Committee with a vote of 5-2. This success is the first in a series of hurdles before us as ASA of Arizona, Arizona State Contractors Coalition (ASCC), and other industry partners continue to pursue fair legislation for indemnity requirements and risk transfer in private construction. With HB2693 the industry is seeking to establish statue that calls for proportional liability – requiring contractors to assume responsibility for loss or negligence only to the extent for which they are directly responsible versus requiring part of the burden to be shouldered disproportionately, or worse, by parties that had no part in the loss.

Passing this committee meeting allows the bill to move forward, but there are still a number of challenges as we move forward. I would like to personally thank the ASA members who took time from their day to attend the hearing. We had a good showing and it was critical for the committee members to see that this issue matters to YOU. THANK YOU!! As we move forward member and industry participation will again be critical and we need to double the participation we saw today in order to reinforce to the members of the Legislature that this change is not only fair, but a necessity for your businesses.

Commerce Committee chairman Rep. Jim Weiers again proved to be a genuine supporter of trade contractors. Although he claimed only to be “sub smart” throughout the hearing (he REALLY gets the issue), it was clear that he was intent on ensuring that both sides had an equal opportunity to be heard and make their points. Rep. Weiers asked great questions and even provided moments of levity in what can be very tense moments during hearing testimony. I strongly urge you to reach out to Rep. Weiers by calling his office or sending an email to thank him for his support today: , 602-926-4173. Along with Rep. Jim Weiers, his brother Rep. Jerry Weiers played a key role in meeting with ASA and ASCC in order to discuss the bill and establish bill sponsors. Reaching out to him would be appropriate as well:, 602-926-5894.

Here is how the committee members voted. It would benefit our interests and be an appropriate gesture if you could take the time to reach out to those who supported HB2693 today by saying thank you.

YES Votes:
Rep. Rick Gray
Rep. Catherine Miranda
Rep. Bob Robson
Rep. Lela Alston
Rep. Jim Weirs

NO Votes:
Rep. Frank Pratt
Rep. Javan Mesnard

Not present to vote: Rep. Debbie McCune-Davis

The next step in the process will be industry stakeholder meetings with representatives from both sides, for and against. Our office will keep you posted on developments with the bill and negotiations. Please be sure to read and respond to Legislative Action Alert emails as you receive them. Again, thank you to everyone who joined us at the Capitol today and all the members who supported the effort by sending emails or making phone calls. Your voice is your vote and it truly matters.

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