Member Tip “Retirement Effectiveness”

Retirement effectiveness: Written by: Jan Duncan, Sagicor Life Insurance Company

Standard retirement plans such as 401-k, profit sharing, pension, etc…. are beneficial and well known but many business owners are not aware of the many areas of the US Tax Code which allow for much greater owner retirement contributions, safer investments options with competitive gains, tax free with drawl options, flexible contribution vehicles, business transfer (sale) tax free, enhanced creditor protection for personal and business assets, vehicles to avoid inheritance taxes for 5, 10, 20 or more generations and more!

Don’t become complacent when it comes to retirement plan reviews. Even if you feel that your plan is the best available out there, have it reviewed by a specialist and solicit their ideas and benefits if they do not agree.
We approach retirement planning and for that matter, all benefits, from a very different perspective! Our plans are called ‘Employer (not employee) benefit plans’ for the very reason that 98% of all retirement and benefit plans consider the employee’s first and ‘oh by the way’, you Mr. Owner, are an employee too so you get to participate as well!

Build a plan which is designed to accomplish the owner’s goals and objectives first and then include the employees or implement another plan designed for them so that everyone has the opportunity to participate if they desire.

If you would like to discuss our approach to the above and review some alternatives or options which might improve your situation, please contact us at the number below.

Jan Duncan, Sagicor Life Insurance Company

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