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ASA is proud to have among it’s ranks highly qualified Associate Members who are experts in the areas of Law, Insurance, and Finance or Accounting. Those who choose to volunteer their time work together on our Professional Councils to serve the Association and provide support to members through the Attorneys Council, Insurance Council and CPA/Finance Council. Along with facilitating top-notch workshops and education programs, the Professional Councils provide information to the Association for our website and “SUB” newsletter. These experts are going one step further to support our members and the construction industry by donating their time as “Professional Council Members On-Call” to field your questions and address issues of concern particular to their specific area of expertise.

Submit Your Question: Select your member on-call and type your question, then click SUBMIT; your name and contact information is required. Your question will be relayed to the on-call professional for research. You will be contacted directly by the participating professional or another member of their firm if appropriate.

Please Note: This service is being provided as a professional courtesy and does not imply any contract or privilege. The information provided by our professional members through this site is for informational purposes only, is general in nature, and does not constitute legal advice. The use of this site, including the sending and receiving of information, does not create an attorney-client relationship between us. Only persons or entities that have entered into a written Terms of Representation and Fee Agreement with the firm are clients of the firm. In respect of Attorney-Client and Provider-Client relationships and possible conflict of interest, it may be necessary to forward your inquiry to an alternate council member.

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Attorneys Council

Matt Meaker

lien and bond claims, contract and prompt pay disputes, ROC claims and construction defect litigation

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Insurance Council

Richard Usher
Principal Mamaging Member of Hill & Usher Insurance & Surety

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CPA/Finance Council

Jeff Byers
Vice President / Commercial Banker

credit and deposit relationship management for small to middle-market businesses.

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