Yarnell Water Needs Request

Good Afternoon Everyone!

I am happy to say, with your assistance, the Yarnell Water Improvement Association (YWIA) has received many donations of meters, service lines, meter boxes, main lines, valves and other miscellaneous water repair materials and services from contractors! We have had a great response from the Water Community and the Contractor Community! People have been awesome and really stepped up to help out the small water system in Yarnell.
Thank you for your work and assistance in getting the word out about our small communities needs.
I have one small favor to ask now that the system is almost back to it’s pre-fire condition. We have many financial obligations now that FEMA has refused assistance to Yarnell and Yavapai County.
The SCADA System has not been replaced – about $135,000 – $200,000 – and our operators are working the system manually. Our insurance is limited and may pay for a portion of the SCADA but at this time we are unsure of how much they will pay. We have outstanding bills for contracted services at over $15,000 and outstanding bills for repair materials at over $5,000. On top of all this we have an outstanding loan to USDA for over $700,000 and 25% less customers to collect fees after their houses have burned to the ground.
YWIA is a not for profit, member owned water company whose sole source of income is from the customers/members of the association. The Yarnell Hill Recovery Group has set up a 501 c(3) account for making charitable and tax deductible donations to the community including the YWIA. If you would be so kind as to get the word out to people who wish to help the community of Yarnell by going to the link: http://www.yarnellhillrecoverygroup.org/donate.html
On the far left hand side of the web site there is a box titled:
Make your tax-deductible donation directly to the Yarnell Hill Recovery Group
There is a drop down menu and you can select the YWIA Water Company and make a simple donation to the YWIA or to the area of their choice.
Any donations would be greatly appreciated!
If you have any questions please feel free to contact me.
Thank you for your continued support!
Jerry Postema
YWIA Operations

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