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This morning I want to tell you about one more tool that YOU, as a voter, can use to make your voice heard by Arizona Legislators. It’s a web site called Arizona Voices,, and it is the first statewide civic engagement platform of its kind.

The brain child of a legislator who wants WANTS TO HEAR YOUR INPUT, Arizona Voices is a forum where you can discuss the issues that impact our state with fellow Arizonans and elected officials … from the privacy of your home or office. I urge you to sign up, login, and share your support and thoughts on SB1271.

The site has two components:

  1. Bill Pages, where you can follow, rate, and deliberate legislation being considered by state lawmakers.
  2. Idea Pages, where you can post and discuss ideas for improving Arizona.

I’ve signed up and weighed in. Currently, the site shows that 94% of voters logging in have expressed support for SB1271. Join us in letting legislators know that SB1271 is important to your business and contractors across the state. Share this message with your co-workers and industry colleagues and ask them to help us keep SB1271 moving.

Thank you,

Carol Floco, CEO

American Subcontractors Association of Arizona, Inc.

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