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State Legislatures Continue to Act on Construction Bills

State Legislatures Continue to Act on Construction Bills With only four state legislatures in regular session, two states in special session and two states in extended session, governors continue to approve laws that impact construction subcontractors, specialty trade contractors, and suppliers. The following are just a few of the laws recently enacted: Connecticut: S1502, the […]

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ASA President’s Letter-July 2014 Dear ASA Member: It is my honor and privilege to serve as your ASA president for 2014-15. Thank you for your trust and confidence! My company, Soil Consultants, Inc., was founded by my father, Ken Johnson Sr., in Charleston, S.C., in 1951 and since then we have been performing geotechnical engineering […]

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ASA and ASCC support SB1231 Indemnity – Public Construction. The bill passed the Senate and is scheduled for a hearing at 11:00 AM on Monday, March 11th in the House Government Committee. Please contact Representative Michelle Ugenti, Chairman, and members of the Government Committee to ask for a “YES vote on SB1231 on behalf of […]

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Mandatory Cuts to Federal Spending, Including Billions in Construction

March 1st is the deadline for more than $1.2 trillion in automatic cuts to national defense and other discretionary federal spending, including potentially billions of dollars of federal and federally assisted construction, if Congress and the White House fail to reach a deal regarding the 2011 Budget Control Act, known as the “sequester.” The cuts […]

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Comprehensive Immigration Reform

New senate and administration proposals have been recently announced by a bipartisan group of senators and President Obama. The senator’s proposal would include a path to citizenship for unauthorized immigrants contingent on securing the border and combating visa overstays; a “fast and reliable” employment verification system provided by the federal government; reform of the immigration […]

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Professional Council Members On-Call

ASA is proud to have among it’s ranks highly qualified Associate Members who are experts in the areas of Law, Insurance, and Finance or Accounting. Those who choose to volunteer their time work together on our Professional Councils to serve the Association and provide support to members through the Attorneys Council, Insurance Council and CPA/Finance […]

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